Trip Day #4

Trip Day #4


awake in the PBR house at Skatopia. last night was hell. I’m all muddy, hungover, and Matt was snoring all night. we got to stay in a back room in the house so we didn’t have to camp in the rain. but this was no picnic. it was equivalent to a really old trailer that is only used for vacation and never gets clean. its like a rednecks river vacation house. so anyways matt was snoring all night and it pretty much kept me up all night. i started slapping him in the face with my pants to stop the snoring but i decided it might hit him in the eye so i stopped. the snoring persisted so i extended my tripod and started poking him in the back of the head every time he would start snoring and wake me up. this was very effective. i could poke him and then since the tripod was so long i could rollover an pretend like i was asleep before matt could see me. i called this tripod the snore stopper 300. it was a life saver.IMG_7253—–Snore stopper 3000

after that we all got up and got our stuff to go skate the concrete park up o the hill. i decide its a good idea to drive the van up the muddy hill to the park. we are pretty much fishtailing all over the place on this muddy dirt road, almost fall off the side of a huge hill, then i get the van stuck in the mud. i’m pissed, everyone has a good laugh, and brewce somehow gets it out later that day. after the sesh we start to disassemble the vert ramp by the barn to make room for some sort of sheltered skate obstacle. a few hours of hard work then its time for camp fire and beers. by the campfire there was this one muddy slope that claimed almost every ones clothes. even i busted my ass and got muddy, fresh outta the shower to. fire, beers, then sleep again




CRW_7347ron_bus copysunee_bus






One Response to “Trip Day #4”

  1. Loving the Blog Ross! Man….you are getting to be a MAD blogger like the Crazzed KeO – I’m impressed man! I love reading about your adventures – you have a natural (raw) writing style – I need to get me one of those snor stoppers – patent that and make your fortune – ok Ross…keep on keepin on and don’t forget to check out the KEO blog”now and again.

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