Trip Day #3

Trip Day #3

Wheeling, WV


I awake in my tent and am so happy that its not one of those wake ups where the sun is burning down on you and the tent is 100 degrees, and your sweating in your sleeping bag. i then immediately use the conveniently located port-a-potties at the park. nothing like front row skate park camping with a water fountain and bathrooms. i take a few pics of the tents and the park and others start to rise outta their tents. we begin to pack up but when you have 16 people everything takes time. lemme tell you a simple gas and pee stop can take 45 mins.  so were almost done packing up and a tough guy cop comes rolling up on his motorcycle. keep in mind he doesn’t have one, its a state issued cop cycle so hes not that cool. anyway, he starts giving us shit about camping there even though the cops last night said we could and we just say ok were leaving now so he will go away an not bother us. you could tell he was one of those power trip cops with a bad attitude, but, with cop incident two avoided we pack the van and head for columbus ohio.  on the way to Columbus Ohio we realize its raining there and redirect our route to athens ohio where we will then proceed to skatopia in rutland, oh.  now i dont know if the gps is always right but it took us down some back woods ass country ohio roads. i mean these roads were pretty narrow and winding. i couldn’t even keep the van at 40 sometimes they were so curvy. thats when i came to the conclusion that Southern Ohio is more back woods than Both Carolinas. maybe not northern ohio but definitely southern ohio.  along our servilely sketchy backwoods drive we pass this giant bucket looking thing  on top of a hill. some one yells”wonder if you can skate it” then skeeeerch the van is turned around to check out this giant metal structure. turns out it is a giant muskiee. whats that you ask? its the giant scooper bucket thing on the ends of a crain that moves dirt, rocks , and mountains around. it was quite large and could definitely haul some shit. back on the road, more sketchy turns through the country, we even saw an Amish horse and cart. then we arrive in athens, ohio. a quick beer store stop and its off to the skate park. this park is one giant slab of concrete with a Hugh cradle and a nice street course. i scarificed one of my wife beaters to dry up the deep end of the park that had puddles, chugged down a beer or two and was ready to shred.  we skated for a few hours. everyone had fun, then it was time to find a liquor store. we found a pretty weak liquor store and just pretty much stocked up on beer, tons of beer. because once you get to skatopia there’s no stores for like 10 miles. nothing. its in the middle of no where. with beer now stacked in the van and placed into every empty space we head for SKATOPIA. down some even more sketchy back roads where you could be kidnapped an no one would know we finally arrive. as we pass through the iron gates that read Skatopia the first thing you see is a demolished car on our left. oh by the way it has just started raining and the ground surface here is 90 percent mud and dirt. we park, scramble to get out things, and run into skatopia’s famous barn, which has the legendary 13ft bowl that will end your day.we meet up with brewce martin(Skatopia Chief)and throw him some money for new concrete, for the park on top of the hill. just to let you know skatopia ain’t free. you must pay your dues. make sure you bring money for concrete, a good attitude, something to leave behind, and a working attitude. its pretty much mandatory for you to do some work on the ramps or other things when you are there. as every one dries off we start to skate the bowl and have a blast. the rain is just pouring now and its awesome because the barn has a metal roof and it sounds so soothing. right now at this moment i think about how much fun i am having and how there is so much to do in life. i think how you cant let anything hold you back from doing what you want to do. travel, and do everything you want to beacuse one day you may not be able to. anyway, we skate the bowl and its fun as hell, we pitch up our tents right by the bowl in the barn cause its still raining like crazy. theres mud on everyone’s shoes and pants. the van is destroyed with mud and water everywhere in it and im soaked. once were all set up we all head down to the PBR room where the walls are covered with PBR boxes as wall paper. plenty of beers get drank, pool is played, more beers, more beers and sleep. end day#3



skatopia_musemmusem_backroombrad_pipoecrappi_smith_skatopia copystaci_fall_skatopia

rfsgst copybsrollinst copybrad_bowl_skatopia_fix copypbr_room




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