Trip Day #2

Trip Day #2


We awake at Cooters Campground in one piece. being our first night camping i had forgotten how cold it gets when you are out  in the night air. Bad Brad even slept out by the fire all night. as i wander about the campsite/farm others start to wake up and then its breakfast time. someone brings out the propane cooker and eggs are cooked. i try to clean up all the beer cans and boxes and tidy up a bit. turns out old john Cooter isn’t so bad after all. in his barn he has a old 40’s FORD truck. i know it was a ford cause i called it a Chevy and he aint’ havin it, and corrected me promptly. Saying” he wouldn’t allow a Chevy in his barn, Huhuhhu” (that’s his creepy laugh, which still sounds killerish). we take some portraits in the truck and i even talk ol’ Cooter into hoping in for a photo. we pack up, hang out with the farms giant dog (barkley), and then its off to Wheeling,WV. another stressful van ride, but this time some of the guys have realized if you need to pee then you need a Gatorade bottle. it has a bigger opening at the top.  beers are drank, pee is peed, pee bottles are dumped out of the window, then we hit Wheeling, WV. this park is bad ass. its like a giant race track for skateboards and the lights stay on all night. after talking with some locals we find out we can just camp right at the park. we skate for a while, pitch up our tents and drink more beers. as the sunsets we all start to feel better (we also have a good buzz on) and the park becomes almost vacant after a few hours of darkness. we pretty much have a private park all night. more beers are consumed some ripping went down and as the session is winding down, oh shit the cops.   these two stiff backed guys in black uniforms walk up like every cop does with that intimidation attitude like your doing something wrong and ask us who’s tents are over there. we say ours and surprisingly they say “oh ok we were just making sure no bums were living here ya’ll have a good night and clean up tomorrow”. were not used to that. usually we get harassed and would have tickets for drinking in public.  with day 2 pretty much over everything is looking good. more beers then sleep.


jhon_cooterscarDSC03425DSC03432bppts_stale_wvalex_0olliezach_boneless_wv copy



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