Trip Day #1


May 11-18th     2009                                                                                trip crew

day #1

this will probably be the longest entry:

just to give you a intro to whats going on we embarked on a trip to west Virgina and Ohio to camp, drink beer, and skateboard. there is 16 of us. we are split up between a 15 passenger van (with the back seat taken out and luggage packed to the top) and a 5 passenger car (filled to the brim as well.) To be honest with you the trip started on the night of the 10th.  Most everyone met up at my house and we drank and skated on our mini ramp in the backyard. i am awaken in the middle of the night to a slamming door and crappi d. and james fully drunk sitting on the floor giggling. i get up and hang for a moment just enough to film them a bit then go back to bed. i awake the next day and am supposed to awake the just fallen asleep drunken james to help me go get the rental van. i decide he isn’t up to the challenge and get staci to help me. i get the van, we pack up and were off. somehow our buddy bryan weasels his way into the last spot by getting james to loan him money.  we drive to Raleigh and meet up with the rest of the crew. its raining and we wanted to skate the new Raleigh concrete park but we cant so we decide to kick it up to Fayettville, WV where we have heard about a new concrete skate park with a few pools and stuff.  now lemme tell you driving a huge van through the mountains in the wind with a bunch of rowdy drunks and no rear view mirror is one stressful activity. between song requests and people peeing in bottles that are to small to pee in there is a lot going on.  now no one but me realized its colder up north so we had to stop at wall mart before we left NC and get warm clothes for everyone. kenny wins the wall mart award with a bad ass mr. rogers sweater for 5 bucks. then its back on the road. we arrive in Fayetville,WV in the late after noon. slowly rolling in the direction that the GPS says the skatepark is in. we enter a park that has a few baseball fields, playgrounds, and a on site cop. yea a fuckin cop. (its also next to a cemetery.) the park is smack in the middle of the family oriented park. i heard from a kid ” look the pros are here” as we roll out of the van in our massive numbers and i giggle to myself. i think” if this kid only knew i was just a poor ol scumbag.” we skate, then its gets dark. alex our filmer starts calling around to campsites and finds one called cooters camp ground. yea cooters. we decide on staying there since its only 6 bucks a head and take off for cooters.  now i have never been so freaked out in my life as i was driving here to cooters camp ground. it was just like in the movies where the kids are on vacation and there trying to get some where, going down these back roads, and its dark, and nothings around. we finally make it to the campground and theres just a hand painted sign and a bumpy dirt road. at the end of the bumpy dirt road is a creepy guy standing in his overalls by a barn and thats it. its like were just camping on his farm. Cooter the overall landlord  has this horror movie laugh after every sentence. just like a serial killer in a slasher flick. im keeping my cool but in my head im freakin out. thinking i need to start traveling with a gun and shit so i cant get kidnapped and tortured by some crazy backwoods west virginian. we pitch up, start a fire, and once i get some beers in me i chill out a bit. i still send a text to my sister before i go to bed and let her know where we are just in case we are all slaughtered in our sleep by that wheezing creepy laughing cooter. a few more beers around the campfire with my friends and i realize how free i am right now and that i really love all these people. if you aint got friends  you aint got nothing.  im glad i took this skirmish of freedom against the binding world. even if it is just for a week. sleep time. awake in one piece. haven’t been murdered . that’s great. i still slept with my knife though. last night was so cold. i had double socks on. end day #1





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