About Me

My name is Ross. i like to drink beer, take pictures, and skateboard.  i am part of a low budget zine called Pink Crack. its not the best in the world but its better than T.V. because T.V. is evil. hopefully one day i will be a teacher of some sort but until them i plan on traveling, skating, and shooting photos.

rant time:  learn as much as you can because they cant take that away from you unless they hit you in the head with a bat. do every thing you ever wanted to do because if you don’t no one will help you do it. make it happen. live life.






3 Responses to “About Me”

  1. just fell into this pink crack and was wondering where the dustbowl jam / party shindig bash for brewce is?


  2. Dontworryaboutit Says:

    I love you.

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